Temple of Bast

Temple of Bast – Universalis Game – Session 1- (2hrs approx)
Players: Bob, Pat

Scene 1
Location: The Temple of Bast
Time: Midnight
Characters: Pi Wa Ket, Seer of Bast, Lo-Set, Group of Temple Cats

Pi Wa Ket, the temple servant, prepares the Temple for tomorrows service. Lo-Set, a Cat, is among the cats who frequent the Temple.

The Seer of Bast enters the altar room for her midnight meditation. She slips deep into prayerful meditation.

The flickering torchlight casts dancing shadows about the Temple walls. Hidden by the dancing shadows, a Snake slithers and sneaks up behind the meditating Seer. Suddenly, the unseen Snake lashes out, bites the Seer. She cries out in momentary pain, before she succumbs to the poison in her, and collapses to the floor.

Pi Wa Ket rushes toward her, sees the snake, and the nasty bite. The snake rears menacingly. She pauses out of its reach, then she calls upon her ability to communicate with Cats. She commands Lo-Set to “Go get a Healer, quick!”

Lo-Set runs off out of the Temple.

End of Scene 1

Scene 2
Time: immediately after Scene 1
Place/People: (Scene 1 continued) Pi Wa Ket, Seer of Bast, Group of Temple Cats, Snake

Pi Wa Ket runs to the nearest wall, grabs a torch, and daringly thrusts it at the snake. Her efforts succeed at driving the Snake away from the Seer. It rears up aggressively trying to move forward. She then know she must kill the snake, but is afraid.

Stepping back, she calls on the group of cats currently frequenting the Temple to help her by killing the Snake, while she distracts it with the torch. Pi Wa Ket agilely weaves an intricate pattern with the burning torch and daringly leaps forward in front of the serpent distracting it, allowing the cats to circle and attack. In moments, the snake is pinned by multiple cats along its length. They quickly and efficiently sever its spine, for they often hunt and kill snakes for fun and food.

Pi Wa Ket then goes to the fallen body of the Seer, checking for signs of life. Suddenly ,the fallen Seer stirs, opens her unfocused eyes and speaks in the voice of prophecy, “I See the City overrun by the forces of the Evil Snake God, unearthed by the wild tribes of the far desert.”

Her eyes roll up and she lapses back into poisoned unconsciousness.

Pi Wa Ket supports her, laying her back to the floor. Recognizing My-Kat, a Temple Cat who can speak to high-ranking Priestesses, amongst the gathered group of cats, Pi Wa Ket commands “Go My-Kat! Rouse the Elders of the church. Tell them of the Prophecy!”

My-Kat trots off into the depths of the Temple.

End of Scene 2

Scene 3
Time: Concurrent with Scene 2
Location: Herbalist shop of Juba, down the street from the Temple
Who: Lo-Set, Juba

Lo-Set dashes throughout the Herbalist’s shop, rushing about setting jars and containers to wobbling.

Juba, the Fat Healer, startled out of his nightly habits, gets up from grinding some herbs to chase this unexpected furry annoyance. Suddenly, Lo-Set bounds over behind a counter where Juba had taken off his charm bracelet and cleverly slips it over his head.

Lo-set, the Thief Cat, pauses for just a moment, allowing Juba a good look at him. Then, he bounds off out of the Herbalist’s shop running for the Temple. An angry Juba puffing along behind trailing him.

End of Scene 3

Temple of Bast – Universalis Game – Session 2
Players: Bob, Pat, Sue (visiting player)

Scene 4
Location: The Temple of Bast
Time: immediately following Scene 2/3
Characters present from Scene 2: Pi Wa Ket, Seer of Bast, Group of Temple Cats

Pi Wa Ket , the Temple Servant, is attempting to comfort the poisoned Seer when Lo- Set, the “Thief Cat”, comes bounding up the steps to her, wearing the Charm Bracelet around his neck like a collar. She removes it before he realizes, and says “Thank you, Lo-Set, but I don’t know what use this will be…These look like runes…”

From the entrance…“What’s going on? May I look at that?” says a strangers voice. Kenarsis, the Scribe/Magician, crosses the floor to her. “I was was just passing by the Temple steps when suddenly a cat passed through my legs wearing that strange collar, my curiosity demanded that I investigate” She shows him the bracelet , a strange band of shaped crystals, each inscribed with a Rune.

Noticing the poisoned Seer, Kenarsis offers his services “I am not a great Healer, but I do have a great knowledge of Runes, perhaps I can help heal her with this charm” He is about to try something when the huffing , puffy Juba, the fat Herbalist, enters yelling “Stop! They must be used in a specific order to be safe!… I will Heal her…that’s MY charm bracelet!”

Just then My-Kat, the Temple Cat enters, with Kan’ Du, the Priestess Healer of Bast, following close behind. “This is a Temple matter! And no one will tend our Seer but those of the Temple!” she proclaims.

The visitors back a few steps away from the Seer and temple-folk.

The Priestess Healer calls upon the holy healing forces of Bast to heal the Seer. The Seer is cleansed of Poison, but is locked in a state of Trance.

Kan’ Du turns to the others, introduces herself, then picks up the bracelet. “Where did you get this? she demands of Juba. Juba does not answer. “This bracelet is a sacred artifact of a Primary Node”, she states.

Ignored until now, Lo-Set sneaks around the group, then makes a sudden leap upward towards the bracelet. His head passes deftly through his new “collar”, and his hurtling body weight neatly pops the bracelet free of Kan’ Du’s hands. The crafty cat is off and running before any human can react, and streaks from the Temple.

“You damned Cat…”, mutters the Priestess Healer

Only the My-Kat can react before he is gone, bounding off out of the Temple in pursuit of him.

End of Scene 4

Scene 5
Location: A rooftop near the Temple of Bast
Time: Immediately after Scene 4
Characters: Lo-Set, My-Kat

“Why did you do that?” My-Kat confronts Lo-Set.

Lo-Set answers. “It is well understood in the city streets, and by those Cats who follow the Wild Ways, that corruption rules the Temple of Bast even at the highest levels, and the Temple rules our city of Bast-Met. I will not relinquish the bracelet to the Temple.”

My-Kat agrees, “As a Temple Cat, I can attest that not all who are of the Temple are to be Trusted. Still, the bracelet must be returned to its proper place at the Primary Node, for the power of the Ley lines of the node are diminished by its lack.”

Lo-Set says,“This can be done, but I will need help, for it is not a task which can be successfully completely by Cat alone. We will need Humans for help and protection”

“Alright, but, there needs to be Temple representation in this undertaking,” My-Kat counters.

Lo-Set responds, “I do not trust the Priestesses.”

“Perhaps one who is not a Priestess, perhaps the Servant, Pi Wa Ket, who speaks with our kind” offers My-Kat.

“Agreed, I like her,” purrs Lo-Set, ”Perhaps Juba and that newcomer as well?”

“Not Juba, he is not fit for this trial nor will he provide much protection” argues My-Kat “but, I know of a man who is pure of heart and purpose, a body guard of a true believer, who would suit. After we ask the humans at the Temple, we should ask this man Bigg-Uhn, agreed?”

“I agree! Let our partnership begin, let us restore the Node! Now, let us see how the Humans react,” exclaims Lo-Set as both he and My-Kat begin to run along the rooftop.

End of Scene 5


The Temple of Bast Game looks like this after Session 1 (duration 2hrs)
Players (ending coins): Bob (6), Pat (24)

-Magic flows along Ley lines & collects in crystals
-low technology, pre-industrial
-cats are magic
– humans can bond with cats
– old Egypt setting

– Scribe/magician
-Runic magic
-Follower of Ptah
-Collector of Knowledge

”Pi Wa Ket”
-Servant in the Temple of Bast
-Communicates with cats
-Trained Dancer

-Lucky charm bracelet of Juba

”Seer of Bast”
-“Temple possession”

“Snake #1” (****Eliminated****)
-Poison Fangs,

“Group of Temple Cats x3”
-Snake Killers

-Temple Cat
-Knows all Paths in Temple
-Can talk with high ranking Priestesses


“Temple of Bast”
-Many cats
-Seer of Bast (“possession”)

“Herbalist shop of Juba, down the street from the Temple”


We had a visiting friend, Sue, sit in on our game. She’s never role-played before (except for one aborted playtest of my Tarot Game…which never really got off the ground).

Prior to the game Sue had finished reading the rules. She found them a bit convoluted (my explanations of the game flexibility may not have helped), remarking over some of the same things Andrew? mentioned in the play-test. Concern about costs of establishing facts (the difference between Fact and Color, etc. ), and that anything can be Challenged and that there could be Complications ontop of Complications etc.

We assured her that. although it is possible that such things could happen, that in actual play it doesn’t seem to come up. That the players are all there to “play a good story” and tend to work together to build it. Which is how our play worked out, with surprising twists

We had a good session! It lasted 2 hours.

Two complications were resolved this game, both in Scene 4, the healing of the Seer, and Lo-Set’s snatch of the bracelet.

Scene 5 was completely Dialogue between Pat, as Lo-Set, and Sue, as My-Kat, except for a some establishing of Facts.

A great many new things were added this game.

New Tenet: Prophecy-“I See the City (Bast-met) overrun by the forces of the Evil Snake God, unearthed by the wild tribes of the far desert”

We now know the City (a new location) is Bast-Met, it is “Controlled by cult of Bast” and Temple of Bast is a “possession”.

We added the “Rooftop near the Temple of Bast” location

Temple of Bast added “city relationship”, “Corruption in Temple” and “Not always trustworthy” -this was a surprising turn added by our visiting player Sue (who has never role-played).

Two master Components were added
“Temple Cats” – also by Sue – with a single trait of
-See the true nature of one’s Soul

“Cats of the Wild Ways” – by Bob
-Travel the Secret Ways
-Befriends the street people

New Characters added…
“Kan’ Du”
– Priestess Healer of Bast

-Trained as a bodyguard

Seer lost “Poisoned”-Bob , gained “in a Trance”-Pat
Kenarsis gained “Curiosity”-Pat
My-Kat’s role of Temple Cat became a subcomponent of the Master Component “Temple Cat”
Lo-Set gained “Crafty”, “Knows all the streets and roofs of the city of Bast-Met”, and “Cat of the Wild Ways” (a master component), and has possession of the Item “Charm Bracelet”

New Item (was originally a trait of Lo-Set)
“Charm Bracelet”
-consists of shaped crystals, each with a Rune inscribed
-Sacred artifact of a Primary Node
-Primary Ley line power diminished by absence of bracelet

—Bob McNamee

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