Plot Lines as Components

Some optional rules that change how players can narrate the story.

Plot Pools

Submitted by Mike Holmes

If you have a particular idea for a subplot or even main plot that you want to ensure has a life of it’s own, give it a Plot Pool. Depending on how important the plot, give it between ten and fifty Coins from the Bank. Any player may, on their turn,  spend up to two of these Coins per scene so long as they’re spent in a way that relates to developing the action or backstory of the plot with which they are associated.


Adjust the rate of spending, increasing the number of Coins per scene to bring a Plot to the forefront, or reducing the rate to draw its conclusion out.

Plot Thread

Submitted by Matthijs Holter

This Gimmick is designed to help keep story plot lines tight and focused by offering rewards to other players for picking up a desired thread and following through with it.

The Plot Thread is Created as a Component defined as “an unresolved conflict”. It costs one coin to Create, and must be given an appropriate name that summarizes the nature of the conflict.. The Creator must identify any number of existing Components that are part of, involved with, or tied to this conflict.  Each Component named in the Plot Thread costs an additional coin.

Each time a Plot Thread is introduced into a scene (costing one coin), it gains a point of Weight.

When a Plot Thread is resolved, the player resolving it gets its Weight in coins.  Declaring a Thread resolved can be challenged as usual.


Submitted by Christopher Bradley

Plot Threads cost 1 Coin to Create as above, but no additional Coins have to be spent for identifying involved Components.  Plot Threads are not Introduced but instead automatically increase in Weight by 1 each scene.  When a player resolves the Conflict they gain its Weight in Coins.


Submitted by Ralph Mazza

Plot Threads cost 1 Coin to Create and can be given additional Traits further refining the nature of the conflict exactly as for ordinary Components.  These special Components can be Introduced and Drawn Upon to provide dice in Complications related to that conflict.  Like any other Component a Plot Thread can be Eliminated by buying off its Importance, or, as it moves towards resolution, individual Traits can be bought off through narration exactly as for damage or injury.

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